About Us

As CEO, founder, and creator of several successful skin care brands, like most men, I never felt like using a drawer full of products for better looking skin. I wanted a simple, easy-to-use, do-it-all routine.

After years of development, I came up with the idea of taking products we men use daily — Shaving products, transforming our daily shaving routine into a super shave that combines three additional steps together with shaving: calm the skin, lock in moisture throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated and energized, and deliver a powerful, age-defying peptide at the highest recommended level. Unveiling Ageless Shaving three steps for a single, smell-amazing, feel-amazing, and look-amazing routine.

We are a true manufacturer with a two decades-long solid track record in creating globally successful skin care products, and we’re putting all this knowledge and experience into creating Ageless Shaving and this easy-to-use, one-of-a-kind shaving regimen.